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strong and flexible after 40

Get at the root of why women give up when they decide to get in shape for visible results within 3 months guaranteed!

If you are like most other women I see, you have probably tried to get in shape multiple times before. You start with good intentions but give up before creating any real change in your body and your life.

It’s not your fault! 

Most people think they need to be more disciplined to stick to their workout routines, but the issue is more complex. You need to address the root cause of why you have given up in the past. It usually boils down to  a combination of these three things:

  1. Not seeing results.
  2. Not understanding how to create new habits.
  3. Not enjoying your workouts.

What happens when you fail to address these causes? You keep repeating the same cycle over and over again!

That’s why I created my 3-Month Mind/Body Yoga Transformation. I was tired of seeing women struggle and wanted to offer a solution that would create results from the inside out. A program designed to provide all the tools necessary to create a strong and flexible body without lifting weights or suffering through HIIT routines. 

I tailored my yoga routines to meet women where they are by offering a 2-tier workout calendar with my follow-along routines requiring 30 minutes a day or less. My workout routines build up strategically. We focus on flexibility and core strength in month one and move on to overall strength and flexibility in month two with a vinyasa flow focus in month three. When I did HIIT and lifted dumbbells, I hated it, but I thought that’s what I had to do to get fit. Now, I love my yoga routines! I love the way they make me look and feel! I fit in my clothes better, I look more athletic, and I can do cool things like the splits. Not only yoga works, but I enjoy showing up. It is fun and rewarding.

Why, may you ask? Because one thing I learned when I started yoga over 40 is that to get all the benefits of yoga and see a real improvement in your body composition, you need to experience major flexibility and core strength gains first.

Plus, I don’t stop there. I address two other essential pillars of achieving your fitness goals: mindful eating and mindful habits. With mindful eating, we go over the principles of eating mindfully and provide easy meal blueprints, meal plans, and grocery shopping lists. With mindful eating,  I give you step-by-step action plans to create new habits and replace bad ones.

Our coaching call will address any gaps you may find after going through all the resources you will find on your coaching platform.

here's what to expect over the next 3 months:

  • Workout Calendar and Videos: The Fastest and Most Rewarding Way to Transform Your Body With Yoga (Phase 1)
  • How to Eat Mindfully Without Breaking the Bank or Spending Hours in the Kitchen
  • The Truth About Creating Habits That Will Change Your Life
  • Why Flexibility Matters to Improve Your Body Composition
  • The Secret to Becoming a Stretching Addict
  • Steps to Implementing Mindful Eating

Plus, two coaching calls and your onboarding call.

  • Workout Calendar and Videos: The Fastest and Most Rewarding Way to Transform Your Body With Yoga (Phase 2)
  • Guide to Healing Trauma With Yoga
  • Mindful Supplements and Food Habits to Support Your Overall Health
  • How to Use Bodyweight Workouts to Tone Your Whole Body
  • The Easiest Way to Improve Your Mindset Using Mindful Habits

Plus, two coaching calls and your midway call for more personalization.

  • Workout Calendar and Videos: The Fastest and Most Rewarding Way to Transform Your Body With Yoga (Phase 3)
  • The Key to Using Vinyasa Flows to Get Even Stronger and More Flexible
  • How to Refine Your Morning and Evening Routines so That You Can Always Achieve Your Goals
  • 7 Life Lessons From Your Yoga Mat That Will Change Your Life

Plus, two coaching calls and your end-of-program call to ensure you are all set for the future.

What Experts Didn’t Tell You About Your Hormonal Health

what others are saying

I’m a family doctor in Portland, Oregon, and I LOVE Sylvie’s recommendations for women. I pride myself on practicing highly personalized medicine without one-size-fits-all solutions because that’s the only way that works! Sylvie’s unique approach fits with that method. 


Thank you I am looking forward to this. I’ve always done weights and cardio, but at this stage in my life, and watching you do your routine, it looks so peaceful and elegant. Not quite sure how to explain it, but I love seeing your progress over the years.


Thank you Sylvie!! I have been watching your journey for a while and have learned sooo much from you. ! got so excited when I found out you created a new flexibility program and bout right away and also started as soon as I bought it(last week). And also put in my calendar that in one year I will be able to do the split!!

I really appreciate what you do for us women!


You know that building muscles is essential for women over 40, but did you know you don’t need to lift weights to build muscles?

A review of more than 28 studies showed that overall, untrained and recreational lifters who could do more than 15 reps experienced similar muscle gains as those who couldn’t do 10 reps. Bodyweight yoga routines yield results! The key is to have a strategic plan so that you can follow the quickest and most effective roadmap to the body you only ever dreamed of.

How would it feel to stop wasting your valuable time with workouts that you hate and that don’t give you visible results? What if you didn’t have to randomly search YouTube for routines that end up boring you or being too difficult to follow? What if you didn’t have to attend yoga classes and follow a routine that isn’t quite right for YOU? What if, three months from now, you could notice more definition in your waist, arms, and shoulders on top of being more flexible, limber, and energized?

What if a year from now, you could look back and be proud of what you accomplished??

How much longer are you willing to wait to keep your promises to yourself?

Forget about dieting and feeling miserable to get the body you want. Instead, learn to rewire your brain so that doing the things that benefit you becomes second nature. Watch your body change as you receive personalized help and guidance. Learn to make your body work for you, not the other way around!

That’s exactly what you will get out of my 3-Month Mind/Body Yoga Transformation.

Many women will invest $5,000 in their transformation so that they can get off the struggle bus and finally receive the help they need through personalized coaching.

Because you know what? Having someone who’s been there done that to lead you along the way while keeping you accountable is priceless!


Today, you can receive the help you need AND save money because I am offering this program for the first time ever. As a founding member, you will receive lifetime access and benefit from any improvement I make to the program for years to come without paying the full price.


One-time payment for lifetime access to the program


Three monthly payments for lifetime access to the program

let's recap!

When you enroll in the 3-Month Yoga Transformation Coaching Solution, you get access to:

Three months of Personalized Online Video Yoga Routines

Each monthg, I provide at least six follow-along yoga routines designed to yield visible results within 3 months guaranteed! Take all the guesswork out of your fitness plan immediately as you use one of my training calendars to decide which videos to use.

Group and one-on-one Coaching Calls

Receive access to me via our three one-on-one coaching calls during the 3-month program and benefit from a community of women with similar goals with our six group coaching calls. Your one-on-one coaching calls are meant to accompany you and meet any specific needs that may come up. The group coaching calls are about specific topics like assessing your habit goals, creating time for good habits, prioritizing your habits, and using your habits to improve your mindset.

Monthly workout Calendars

The program comes with two different workout calendars for each month. The calendars use the video routines in the program but in different ways depending on your goals. Plus, during your onboarding call, we may determine to personalize your workout calendars even further so that we can ensure you reach your fitness goals as efficiently as possible.

10 weeks of meal plans and grocery shopping lists

You have an unlimited of clean eating meal options with 10-weeks of vegan and omnivore meal plans, recipes, and grocery shopping lists. You can customize your mindful eating further by using my Meal Blueprints.

Five Mindful Habits Presentations

As you prepare for our group coaching calls, learn the basics of creating habits that support your health goals step-by-step with concise prerecorded PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, and handouts.

How to Become a Stretching Addict Guide

One thing I learned over my years of helping women reach their health goals is that creating beneficial health habits is a lot easier when the habit yields clear results and is enjoyable. This guide helps you achieve both. It teaches you how to stretch most efficiently using my video routines and how to make your stretching sessions as enjoyable as possible.

Healing Trauma With Yoga Guide

Yoga is a powerfult tool to increase your strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, and tone your body. But it is so much more than that. That's why the whole program aims to use the habit of yoga to change your life in many ways. For example, yoga can teach mindfulness and help heal past trauma. This guide is serves as a starting point.

Mindful Eating Training and Handouts

Mindful eating is an essential pillar to improve your overall health and well-being. In the mindful eating presentation, you will learn how to implement mindful eating practices gradually so that you can learn to listen to your bodies cues and draw the most nourishment from your food possible.

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strong and flexible after 40

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And when you join today, you’ll get access to these exciting bonuses:

Train your habits and Mindset for hormonal health

A workshop and handouts about what experts won't tell you about your habits and your hormonal health


weight Loss Transformation Program

My popular Intermittent Fasting for Wegiht Loss Program priced at $97 as a bonus.

Full Body Flexibility Program

If you would like to include even more flexibility training (in your 3-month transformation, flexiblitly training is about 15-minutes a day) to your daily habits for quicker results, this is an excellent option as a bonus.

I guarantee you will notice visible results in your strength and flexibility within 3 months or your money back.

To make this offer a no-brainer, I will even give you a full refund within 30 days of purchase if you decide the program isn’t for you, no questions asked. Or, if you don’t get visible results in strength and flexibility after three months, as I promised, you also get your money back.

You have a choice!

You can continue doing what you have been doing, start another fitness program with the best intentions, and give up before seeing any results OR invest in yourself so you can get a personal coach that wil help you rewire your brain and train your body most effectively.

Where do you want to be next year?

In case you are still wondering, "Is this form me?"

This Mind/Body Transformation Coaching Package is for you if:

✔️You are a woman over 40 who finally decided to put yourself first. You are determined to be in the best shape of your life. You would like to increase your strength, body composition, endurance, balance, and flexibility while becoming mindful of your habits.

✔️You want a fitness program that doesn’t involve jumping around and lifting weights but still yields major results in how your body looks.

✔️You want workouts under 30 minutes a day because you don’t know if you can be consistent with anything longer.

✔️You have tried to get in shape before, but your failed attempts have made you skeptical that you can even achieve your fitness goals.

✔️You have tried to get in shape before, but your failed attempts have made you skeptical that you can even achieve your fitness goals.

✔️You are tired of cookie-cutter approaches and are looking for something more personalized so that you can get results fast.

✔️You want to become mindful of your habits to make lasting changes that will empower you to achieve any future goal.

✔️You are curious about mindful eating because you want to nourish your body optimally but are tired of complicated meal plans that require you to spend hours in the kitchen and tons of money at the grocery store.

✔️You want to exercise in a way that makes you feel amazing about your workouts because they are challenging without making you feel like you want to die.

✔️You want to use mindful movement to transform your body composition and feel proud and amazed about what you can learn and accomplish, even after 40!

This Mind/Body Transformation Coaching Package is NOT for you if:

🚫You have not decided to stop making excuses and are not ready to put your health first.

🚫You are not determined to instill new habits for lifelong changes.

🚫You don’t want to learn from a coach and be part of a group of women in a similar situation as you.

🚫You already do yoga daily and can do intermediate poses like the Wheel pose, Bird of Paradise, and King Pigeon.

🚫You are not interested in using mindful habits, mindful eating, and mindful movement to lead a meaningful life that supports your lifelong goals.

Now that you know to which group you belong, maybe you still have some questions. Here are some frequently asked questions:


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you can. As a woman, I tend to appeal to women. However, I have coached men and don’t exclude men from my programs.

It is a 3-month program, and you will need to invest about 30 minutes daily into the program. The workouts are less than 30 minutes long, and each month, you will need to allot some time for watching the training video on mindful habits and attending your two 1-hour group coaching calls. Lastly, you will receive three 1-hour one-on-one calls.

I get it, this program is definitely an investment in yourself, and in your health. Not to mention an investment in your relationships, time with your family, kids, and this program is designed to help you transform your life from the inside out.

So, let me ask you, expensive compared to what? Have you fully considered the cost of continuing to put this off?

How many times have you told yourself you’ll start over Monday, and then don’t? What about the times you’ve lost sleep over losing your temper, or over stress that just won’t quit.

How many times have you tried Beachbody yoga, or peleton yoga, and promised yourself that you were going to do it only to feel defeated and mad at yourself that you don’t have enough motivation or discipline?

If all of that actually worked, then why do most people continue to struggle despite the infinite amount of options out there?

It’s not your fault, this is exactly why I’ve put together this transformation program because I’m committed to helping the clients who are ready to help themselves and finally set and achieve their goals. This will require you to invest, and let me ask you…

Where are you going to be a year from now, if you continue down the same pattern? It’s the last thing I want for you when all the tools you need to be successful are right here. To me that investment is priceless, and if you decide to wait the investment will go up.

Although I include 10-week whole-food omnivore and vegetarian meal plans and grocery shopping lists in the program, my goal is to teach you to create your own quick whole-food meals using my meal planning blueprints.

Each month, you receive the mindful habits guides accompanied by a video presentation and worksheets so that you can learn to choose your habits mindfully. Your current life is the sum of your habits. You do not rise to the level of your goals; you fall to the level of your system. This system is the collection of your habits. If there is a gap between your goals and your system, the system always wins. The materials in the Mindful Habits pillar will enable you to create a system that works for you. They will be the foundation of our coaching calls.

If find there are two types of people who don’t like yoga:

1- Those who think yoga is just about moving slowly and stretching.

2- Those who would rather lift weights at the gym.

If you are a woman over 40 asking this question, you are likely in the first group, and I am telling you, you will learn to love yoga! I know because I was like you until I discovered how to make yoga challenging and fun! I became so passionate about it that I traded in my NASM fitness trainer certification to become a 500-Hour Certified Yoga Instructor. The Mindful Movement pillar is all about helping you discover this exciting and challenging side of yoga so that you can love moving your body. As you follow video routines included in the program, you will see your abs get tight, your shoulders and arms become more defined, your legs stronger, and your whole body more flexible. That is the magic of yoga!

Nope! I do offer some recommendations for those who want supplements, but nothing is required beyond whole foods.

This coaching program centers on mindful eating, mindful habits, and movement. All three components will benefit almost anyone. However, if you suffer from any medical condition, I recommend you speak to your medical provider before joining.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi! I’m Sylvie! I am a 500-HR certified yoga instructor and holistic coach who loves to empower women to transform their bodies and their mindset.