Lose Weight by Conquering Your food Cravings Naturally With Fasting

"I had a lot of anxiety and stress around eating, since I could not discern what to eat to stop gaining weight."

Want to trade Willpower for Biohacking?

A four-step weight loss formula to lose weight and conquer food cravings by becoming metabolically flexible:

1. Become Fat-Adapted

Teach your body to stop relying on glucose as a main source of energy. That is how you avoid feeling weak or unwell whenever you go without food.

2. Pick your Fasting Method

Train your body to switch back and forth from glucose to ketones with your optimal intermittent fasting window. Some biohacking is involved as you learn use a ketone monitor to find your optimal weight loss fasting window.

3. Define your waistline

Everyone wants to get rid of belly fat! You cannot spot reduce fat with exercise but you can define your waist. Get toned, strong and confident using bodyweight workouts that don't require jumping around or using dumbbells.

4. Implement Maintenance Mode

After reaching your goal weight, you will settle on a fasting method and exercise routine that empowers you to maintain your results, feel amazing, and live in tune with your body.

What if instead of figuring out how to stop gaining weight, you could get to that point where you have to figure out how to stop losing weight?

What if you could get rid of the sugar cravings and experience true food freedom?

What if sustaining a healthy lifestyle and weight didn’t have to be a matter of willpower?

Sounds too good to be true?

Keep reading and I’ll show you exactly how.

In a perfect world, achieving your optimal weight and wellness is simple: eat just enough whole foods.

Unfortunately, many of us struggle with:

✖️Our inability to listen to our bodies’ hunger cues
✖️Uncontrollable food cravings
✖️An insatiable appetite

We need to address that before focusing on the basics. That’s where biohacking for metabolic flexibility comes in.

Done right, intermittent fasting will require that your body starts producing ketones for energy.

Metabolic flexibility is the ability to switch back and forth from glucose to ketones for energy.

It means no more feeling “hangry” after 3 hours without food! I think many of us know on a deeper level that we shouldn’t have to eat all the time to feel well.

We crave true food freedom. When we find it, we discover that not only food preparation doesn’t take up as much time but thinking about food doesn’t take up as much brain space.



Module 1

Get Started to Maximize Your Success: Everything you need to know to reach your weight loss goal

Module 2

Become Fat-Adapted: Discover how to kickstart your weight loss

Module 3

Pick the Optimal Fasting Window: Overcome food cravings with biohacking

Module 4

Define Your Waistline: Take advantage of effective bodyweight workouts

Module 5

Implement Maintenance Mode: Learn to fast just enough to feel amazing without losing more weight


Gut Healing Meal Plans, Paleo Meal Plan and Vegan Meal Plan

Lose weight and kick the sugar cravings

Join other women who have decided to stop relying on willpower by biohacking weight loss. It’s time to take back control over your body!

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Coaching videos for each module (value $197)

Modified fast meal plan (value $27)

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Intermittent Fasting for Beginners Guide (value $20)

Bodyweight Workout Plan (value $15)

30-Day Clean Eating Meal Plan and Recipe Book (value $20)

Vegan Gut Healing Plan (value $17)

Omnivore Gut Healing Plan (value $17)

Paleo Meal Plan and Recipes (value $20)

Vegan Meal Plan and Recipes (value $20)

Metabolism Boosting Nutrition Plan (value $20)

Step-by-Step Checklists for each module (value $17)

10 Text lessons to address pressing concerns (value $30)

Macro tracking spreadsheet (value $10)


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See What Others Are Saying

“I lost 6 lbs during the first 5 days!”

“I am down 4 lbs!”

“I love 4 inches in 10 days!”

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Lose weight and kick the sugar cravings

Join other women who have decided to stop relying on willpower by biohacking weight loss. It’s time to take back control over your body!

Meet Your Instructor

I am a 500-hour certified yoga instructor and holistic coach who loves to help women over 40 reclaim their bodies.


Most frequent questions and answers

The program includes clean eating, Paleo, and Vegan meal plans. You can also follow whatever eating plan you are following and still benefit from the program. The modified fast is vegan AND Paleo.

Even if you have tried intermittent fasting before, you can succeed with this program. This program is different in three ways:
1- It gets you started with modified fasting.
2- It teaches you to find the intermittent fasting method that works best for you.
3- It helps you learn to cycle your fasting windows and methods.

You have a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. I want to make sure you feel good about your purchase and don’t regret it.

If you are pregnant, you need to wait. If you are breastfeeding, I created a lesson to help you adjust it to suit your needs. You can still lose weight using intermittent fasting, but you won’t be doing the modified fast. Instead, I am recommending a 7-day keto plan, which comes with the program.

The last Module of the program is all about not gaining the weight back. This 30-Day Transformation is all about creating a sustainable lifestyle that will allow you to maintain your weight loss long term.

You decide whether you buy organic food or not. As far as supplements and shakes go, I make a few recommendations, but again, you don’t have to follow them to benefit from the program.

The answer to this question is very individual. However, I tend to recommend a slower weight loss. The program is all about creating a lifestyle that you will be able to sustain long term. It’s not a crash diet. It took me one year to lose 20 lbs and I recommend you go into the program trusting the process and taking your time rather than hoping to lose 10 lbs in a month.