Get in shape over 40

5-Day Yoga Habit Challenge

Learn how to get strong and flexible in the least amount of time possible by creating healthy habits that support your goals.

Tone your body without HIIT or dumbells

As a NASM personal trainer, I used to think a combination of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and lifting dumbells was the most efficient way to get fit. I would suffer through my workouts to check them off my list.

When I started doing yoga at 43, exercising became challenging and fun! I was amazed to notice:

✅Toned arms and shoulders.

✅ Strong core and defined waist.

✅ Increased flexibility.

✅ Improved endurance.

✅No more back and neck pain.

✅ Feelings of calm.

✅ More energy.

what others are saying

I’m a family doctor in Portland, Oregon, and I LOVE Sylvie’s recommendations for women. I pride myself on practicing highly personalized medicine without one-size-fits-all solutions because that’s the only way that works! Sylvie’s unique approach fits with that method. 


Thank you I am looking forward to this. I’ve always done weights and cardio, but at this stage in my life, and watching you do your routine, it looks so peaceful and elegant. Not quite sure how to explain it, but I love seeing your progress over the years.


Thank you Sylvie!! I have been watching your journey for a while and have learned sooo much from you. ! got so excited when I found out you created a new flexibility program and bout right away and also started as soon as I bought it(last week). And also put in my calendar that in one year I will be able to do the split!!

I really appreciate what you do for us women!