Step-By-Step Flexibility Transformation

A 3-phase method to get you from stiff to flexible after 40

✔️Are you a beginner wanting to improve your mobility and flexibility but don’t know where to start?

✔️Do you struggle with advancing in your yoga practice because you feel too stiff for many poses?

✔️Maybe you have always wanted to do the splits but don’t know where to start. You have never been flexible before, even when you were younger, and are unsure you can do this.

✔️You may have tried some free videos here and there but haven’t seen much progress.

✔️Or you are tired of feeling pain in your hips, neck, or spine that prevents you from moving freely and enjoying your life?

I know what it's like!

I was 43 when I decided I wanted to become more flexible. I tried some free videos off YouTube and even purchased some splits training programs. However, I quickly discovered that most of the tutorials available were created by people who had been flexible for a long time! They didn’t know what it’s like to start as an older adult with no previous experience. 

I felt like I was wasting my time because I wasn’t progressing.

Gradually, I learned how long I had to hold my stretches and which stretches were actually helping me get flexible for the splits. Now, I wanted to expand my flexibility training to other yoga poses like the King Pigeon, the Wheel, the Standing Splits, etc. Yoga had opened a world of poses that I wanted to learn. It turns out, the splits were just the beginning and I wished I had a step-by-step plan to increase my flexibility and strength to expand my practice.

I was already a NASM fitness trainer, but this new passion motivated me to get my 500-HR Yoga Instructor certification. 

Then, I created this Full-Body Flexibility Transformation for women like me who are ready to do something fun and rewarding for themselves after 40.


No more guesswork and trying to piece random videos together without knowing if you are wasting your time!

My step-by-step approach has been tested and proven. It yields maximum results in only 15-30 minutes a day. It takes you from very beginner to strong and flexible in using a 3-phase process.  

You are not too old to reach your goals, or doomed by your genetics!

A roadmap for the quickest results in

3 strategic phases

Phase 1

In Phase 1, you will learn basic splits stretches to open your hamstrings, hip flexors and inner hips.

phase 2

In Phase 2, you will take up your training up a notch as you close the gap in your splits and start practicing your backbends.

phase 3

Phase 3 is all about getting you to that point where you can sit more comfortably in the splits and improve your whole body flexibility to achieve your other asanas like the king pigeon and the king dancer.

How is my method different?

When I started stretching as a stiff 43-year old, I didn’t see much results at first. The main reason is that most stretching routines and programs out there don’t hold the stretches long enough. Did you know that the main way you gain flexibility is by teaching your central nervous system that this position is safe? It’s not so much about lengthening your muscle tissues. Rather, you are training your brain! And this process works somewhat differently for women over 40.

Here’s what you will notice about my method:

✨Depending on your phase, I ensure you hold the stretches for just the right amount of time.

✨I enable you to progress strategically adding different stretches for different body parts gradually.

✨The focus isn’t to tune into your body at first. Instead, we make your stretching sessions more enjoyable by adding activities you can do while stretching.

✨You can follow my simple training calendars and full-length stretching videos as you move along at your own pace.

✨You will learn to discern when it’s time to move on to the next phase with my mini-coaching videos.

✨You will follow my training sessions according to the calendar, and use the downloadable PDFs on days when you don’t have as much time.

✨Plus, you can tack on one of my five bonus bodyweight workouts under 10 minutes or my 30-minute Vinyasa flow to your flexibility training whenever you want something extra.

inside your full-body flexibiltiy transformation:

  • Introduction video to phase 1
  • Phase 1 training schedule
  • Phase 1 Front Splits and Side splits routines (four 15-minute routines)
  • One 18-minute strength and flexibility routine
  • Introduction video to phase 2
  • Phase 2 training schedule
  • Three 30-minute flexibility routines (front splits, side splits, and back flexibility)
  • Two alternate 20-minute routines (front splits and side splits)
  • Introduction video to phase 3
  • Phase 3 training schedule
  • Three 25 minute routines to get your asanas
  • Become a Flexibility Addict Guide (free guide to make stretching enjoyable and effective)
  • Five Workouts Under 10 Minutes

  • 30-Minute Restorative Yoga Flow

what others are saying

I’m a family doctor in Portland, Oregon, and I LOVE Sylvie’s recommendations for women. I pride myself on practicing highly personalized medicine without one-size-fits-all solutions because that’s the only way that works! Sylvie’s unique approach fits with that method. 


Thank you I am looking forward to this. I’ve always done weights and cardio, but at this stage in my life, and watching you do your routine, it looks so peaceful and elegant. Not quite sure how to explain it, but I love seeing your progress over the years.


Thank you Sylvie!! I have been watching your journey for a while and have learned sooo much from you. ! got so excited when I found out you created a new flexibility program and bout right away and also started as soon as I bought it(last week). And also put in my calendar that in one year I will be able to do the split!!

I really appreciate what you do for us women!


What if a year from now, you could look back and be proud of what you accomplished??

Whether you are just starting to work on your flexibility or have already achieved a certain level of success, you will find what you need here. With its clear step-by-step plan to learn basic flexibility exercises, you will benefit from this program and deepen your practice as you progress.

Get Started today for $97!

And receive lifetime access to all your flexibility resources

My Full-Body Flexibility Transformation Program is an effective 3-Phase System that guides you through the process of reaching your flexibility goals even when you have never been flexible before.

It is perfect for beginners who would like to do the splits and backbends. If you feel your lack of flexibility is limiting your movements, you will benefit from this program! No more guesswork! My follow-along routines and calendars will guarantee results or your money back!

let's recap!

When you enroll in this Full-Body Flexibility Transformation, you get access to:

3 Mini-Coaching Videos

My introductory videos are like mini-coaching sessions where I explain how to train and when to move on to the next phase.

3 Flexibility Training Calendars

Each phase comes with a detailed flexibility training calendar so that you know exactly what video routines you need to follow.

14 Follow-Along Stretching Videos

My flexibility training sessions last anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes. I like the follow-along format because you can see exactly what I am doing and how I am doing it as I cue some key points to optimize your results. However, I encourage you to listen to music or your favorite show when you know the routines well enough and I give you some downloadable PDFs in case you just want to see the stretches and time them yourself.

2 Quick and Effective Strength and Flexibility Routines

Once you get to a certain flexibility level, you can start working on your mobility, which means you are using your strength and flexibility all at once! Now, talk about an efficient workout!

Become a Stretching Addict PDF Guide

I created this guide because I know consistency is a stumbling block for many women. My guide addresses the main reasons why we give up on ourselves and give practical solutions.

5-Minute Strength Training Routines

Ideally, you want to stretch for 15-30 minutes a day and strength train for the same amount of time. However, when you get started with your new yoga habit, investing 30-60 minute of your time daily may seem overwhelming. That's why I created my quick 5-minute routines. This way, you can cut down on the time investment and still get great results.

30-Minute Restorative Yoga Flow

Yoga isn't just about training your body in strength and flexibility. My 30-minute restorative yoga flow helps calm your mind.

Visible Flexibility Improvements Within One Month or You Get Your Money Back

To make this offer a no-brainer, I will even give you a full refund within 30 days of purchase if you decide the program isn’t for you, no questions asked. 

Get started for only $97!

Continue putting off achieving your flexibility goals or commit to a program that will take you step-by-step through the whole process so you don’t have to guess.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi! I’m Sylvie! I am a 500-HR certified yoga instructor and holistic coach who loves to empower women to transform their bodies and their mindset.

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And receive lifetime access to all your flexibility resources