Intermittent fasting keto Meal plan

This 7-Day Intermittent Fasting Keto Meal Plan includes simple and affordable recipes, you daily calories and macros so you can easily adjust if needed, and supplement suggestions.

Low carb food list pdf

This low carb food list includes the number of carbs per serving of low carb fruits, veggies, baking ingredients, nuts, seeds, and protein options.

Guide to the Mediterranean diet

Learn about the guidelines and the benefits. Plus, discover some delectable recipes to try.

master your mindset

Follow 7 practical steps to transform your mindset, create goals and overcome obstacles, take the mindset quiz.

Low carb food list pdf

Learn about the benefits of stretching, the types of stretches, and some stretching exercises.


Why you need to become more flexible, how to get faster results, and step-by-step stretching routine.

Create a yoga habit

5-day yoga habit challenge

Daily 5-minute workout routines and habit mini-coaching sessions so that you can finally feel energized, strong, and flexible.

5-day modified fast meal plan

Delicious and easy recipes for your 5-Day Modified, plus your meal plan. Your recipes include roasted butternut squash, hummus and veggies, lunch salad, Yukon Gold potato with grated carrot, sweet potato and broccoli, and more! All your macros and calorie numbers are included.