eating with intention program

End yo-yo dieting and heal your relationship with food

make peace with your emotions

Many of us use food to deal with our emotions. Learning to make peace with your emotions will enable you to grow and learn from them.

make peace with food

Discover the pleasure principle and how you can enjoy food without guilt.

Achieve your goals

Learn some practical strategies to stay motivated and gain the discipline necessary to achieve your goals.

understand your body's cues

Learn how your body can speak to you. Discover what your symptoms are telling you. Understand how to listen to your unique hunger and fullness cues. Differentiate between physical hunger and emotional hunger.

learn how to live with intention

The program Living With Intention is a mindfulness program that addresses your relationship with food and your relationship with your body and your emotions.

You will learn to make intentional food decisions that honor your body, your health, and your happiness.

You will discover how to truly live in the present moment and how to achieve your goals.


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