Yoga for Energy: 10 Poses to Increase Your Energy Fast

This yoga for energy flow includes 10 of my favorite energizing poses. I started yoga at 43; I knew nothing about it or any poses. All I knew was I wanted to become more flexible and work on getting my headstand and handstand. So, when I discovered backends, I was surprised to experience the quick burst of energy they provided. Then, I looked it up online and learned that backbends are energizing!

So yeah, as you will see, it includes many heart-opening poses and backbends.

Yoga for Energy: My Top 10 Poses

As usual, you will find the full-length routine at the end of this post.

yoga for energy poses

1. Front of the Shoulder Stretch

This yoga for energy flow starts with a deep shoulder stretch to open your heart and chest. Lie in a prone position with your arms outstretched at shoulder level. Bring your right hand closer so your elbow is at a 90-degree angle. Bend your right knee and place your right foot outside your left leg. Your hip will naturally open, and your face will turn to the right.

2. Revolved Crescent Lunge

In this yoga for energy flow, you will get into the revolved crescent lunge from the half splits. Bend your front leg (let’s say the right) and lift your left knee. Hug your right knee towards your upper body. Keep your left knee lifted and your pelvis buoyant (your feet pull towards one another). Press your left hand on the mat and inhale to make space in your spine. As you exhale, lift your right arm and gaze up.

Inhale and press your heart forward, and draw your shoulder blades back. Take a few breaths. As you exhale, bring your right hand on the outside of your right foot. Straighten your right leg into pyramid pose.

3. Revolved Low Lunge Variation 1

You will also get into this revolved low lunge from the side plank pose. Starting with the right leg up on a left side plank, you will slowly bring your right foot on the outside of your hands. Lower your left knee on the mat and spread your left fingertips on the outside of the mat. Pull your feet towards one another and place your right hand on your right thigh. Inhale, open your chest, and squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Exhale, bend your left knee, and make a C with your right hand to hook it around your left toes. Inhale and pull your pelvis back. Exhale to bring your left foot closer to your butt.

4. Dolphin Pose

From downward dog bring your hands a bit closer together. Press down through the L-Shape of your thumb and index finger, then all the other fingertips. Bend your knees, and stretch your sit bones up. Inhale, and pull your navel against your spine. As you exhale, pull your arms towards one another as you lower your elbows on the mat.

Lift and lower your elbows three times. Inhale and press your chest towards your thighs. Walk your feet a bit closer. Bend your knees, widen your sit bones back and apart, and pull your navel in.

5. Cobra

In this yoga for energy flow, you will get in cobra from chaturanga. As you lower in chaturanga, press your hips down on the mat. Untuck your toes and spider your fingertips. Inhale and lift your chest into cobra. Feel your hands pulling towards your hips.

6. Upward Facing Dog

From chaturanga, untuck your toes and straighten your arms to lift your chest. Keep your legs engaged. Keep your elbows a little bent. Inhale, squeeze your shoulder blades back, and press your hands towards you. Exhale, back into downward dog.

7. Camel

On your knees, bring your hands to your hips. Inhale, root your toenails and lift your armpits away from your hips. Pull your navel to your spine and reach your arms up on an inhale. Bring your palms together, and as you exhale, bring the heel of your hands to the back of your skull. Press your skull against the heel of your hands as you lengthen your spine. Inhale, and make even more space in your spine. As you exhale, curl back into camel. Don’t go too far. Inhale again to create more space and curl back further.

8. Wild Thing

You will do the wild thing pose many times during this yoga for energy flow. It is part of what I call a side plank flow. From a three-legged downward dog, take your right knee to your left tricep. Shift the weight to your right hand and drop your left heel. Inhale, stretch your left arm over your ear, and straighten your right leg. Exhale, bring your left hand to the floor, and slowly take your left foot behind you into wild thing. As you inhale, open up and bring your right hand behind your skull. Straighten your right leg. Take a few breaths.

9. Wheel

The wheel pose has become one of my ultimate favorites! If you think there is no way you can ever get in the wheel pose, think again! I learned to do it when I was 44 and am convinced anyone can learn it.

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10. King Pigeon

In this flow, you will start with the pigeon pose and return later for the full pigeon (or king pigeon). From downward dog, lift your right leg high, bend your knee, and open your hips. Bring your right knee to your right tricep and lower your shin at a 45-degree angle. Tuck your left toes, pull your legs toward one another, and lengthen your spine as you inhale.

Root your right fingertips, bend your left knee, twist at your navel, and reach back with your left hand. Place your left hand on your inner left foot. Slowly bring your heel to your sit bone. You have the option to spin your fingertips to face forward. Bring your right hand beside you. Inhale and reach up with your right hand. Exhale and slowly release your back foot.

Walk forward on your forearms for a few breaths. Lift yourself back up, wrap your yoga strap around your back foot (left), and pull it with your left hand. Magnetize your feet toward one another and find the strap with your other hand. Inhale, lengthen your spine and open your chest. Keep your elbows pulling toward one another.

If You Struggle to Complete This Yoga for Energy Flow

Don’t give up if you find this yoga for energy flow difficult! I have some suggestions:

The Full-Body Flexibility Transformation program includes daily stretching routines with training calendars. It is divided into three phases to grow with your practice. As a beginner, you will stretch for 15 minutes a day. As you advance, I recommend you set aside 30 minutes daily to keep seeing incredible results.

Yoga for Energy Full-Length Video

Enjoy this yoga for energy flow! One tip: the more frequently you practice any given flow, the better!

Other Tips to Increase Your Energy

I like this yoga for energy flow because I notice a quick boost of energy when I go through it. However, if you don’t take care of some basics, your energy level will suffer no matter what yoga practice you implement.

Here are some important and effective tips to increase your energy:

  • Create a daily routine: Go to bed and wake up around the same time every day.
  • Get enough sleep: Most adults need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep.
  • Try Intermittent fasting: intermittent fasting has helped me regulate my insulin level and improve the quality of my sleep.
  • Eat nutrient-dense foods: Quality nutrition supports quality sleep.
  • Supplement: Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can negatively impact the quality of your sleep.

A Word About Supplements

Some supplements are especially helpful in improving your sleep. Experiment with including them in your supplementation regimen and see if they help:

Sleep and quality of life go hand in hand. Yoga can improve your mindfulness and help you manage sleep problems, but implementing a multifaceted approach is a good idea.

In Summary

As a perimenopausal woman, taking care of my sleep has been a learning experience. I make sleep and yoga part of my priorities. Yoga flow like this for energy flow is essential, and I use them regularly when I need a quick energy boost. I still remember the first time I did a back-bending flow! I was so surprised at how I felt afterward! So much so that I decided to research the benefits of backbends to see if I imagined things! Sure enough, backbends will energize you. That is a known fact. Please take advantage of my yoga for energy flow and enjoy the beautiful rush of energy from it.