5 Yoga Poses for Strength and Flexibility

This post includes a full follow-along yoga routine for strength and flexibility but before we get to that, let me just present an overview of five yoga poses that I find incredibly effective to increase your strength and flexibility.

Yoga Poses for Strength and Flexibility

Obviously, there are a lot more than five yoga poses that are beneficial to improving your strength and flexibility. I simply picked my favorite ones.

1. Standing Splits (or Three Legged-Dog)

I attempted the standing splits for the first time years ago while doing an online pilates class. I couldn’t get anywhere close to a standing splits. I didn’t understand now regular women like me would even be able to do something like that. Fast forward 10 years and now, I can do the splits on the ground, so the standing splits is no longer this unachievable pose. The standing splits require strength, mobility, and flexibility. If you are lacking the flexibility like I did in my thirties, you can work on that. When you follow my video routine, just take your leg as high as you can or work on your three legged-dog). Don’t judge yourself! Improving your strength and flexibility will get you there eventually!

Use my free splits video to improve your flexibility or consider purchasing my Moving With Intention program.

2. King Dancer

I find the King Dancer pose absolutely beautiful! I think one basic reason I enjoy yoga is the artistic side of it. Many yoga poses are impressive as they require strength and flexibility but also look esthetically pleasing to me. The King Dancer is one of them.

I created a follow-along for the King Pigeon, which is a helpful introduction to increase your flexibility before King Dancer.

3. Wheel

Not all little children can do the splits, but all little children can do a deep wheel. As an adult, you may find the wheel incredibly challenging (I couldn’t even lift myself up on the crown of my head at first) but you will discover that increasing your back flexibility is much faster than gaining enough flexibility to achieve the splits.

Moreover, the wheel is an energizing pose. Once, you manage to get up there, you will notice that it makes you feel happy and energetic. It improves your posture and reduces your risk of back issues.

4. Crescent Lunge

The crescent lunge is another effective strength and flexibility yoga pose. It requires strength and flexibility in the legs as well as flexibility in your back body. I love using it to prepare for the wheel as well as the splits.

5. Skandasana (Wide-Legged Squat Over One Leg)

The last yoga pose for strength and flexibility that I wanted to mention in today’s post is skandasana. Skandasna is amazing for leg strength and flexibility and you can even use it to get a bit of a cardio workout when you move actively from side to side.

Yoga Poses for Strength and Flexibility Routine

This yoga routine for strength and flexibility includes most of my favorite poses for strength and flexibility. Instead of the wheel, I used the dolphin pose, which is incredibly effective to increase your arms and shoulder strength in preparation for achieving the wheel. It is a super quick routine that beginner and intermediate yogis alike will love.

yoga poses for strength and flexibility