12-Minute Lower Body Workout Routine

Today, quick lower body workout that will take only 12 minutes of your day. It will be enough to make your lower body sore and get that heart pumping though! Trust me!

Lower Body Workout Routine

This routine involves three circuits of different types of lunges and squats. I recommend you use dumbbells to increase the intensity of this lower body workout as it’s only 12 minutes long! You can do it!

1. Squats

20 squats

The picture I took is actually not the best representation of proper form for your squat because my knees almost go past my toes. When you check your form for your squat, make sure your weight is in your heels and your feet are parallel.

So, stand straight with your feet hip distance apart. Lower down as if sitting in a chair and straighten your legs to lift back up.

2. One Legged Back Lunge

10 one legged back lunges on the right leg and move on to the left

Stand with your legs about shoulder width apart. Step back with your right foot, landing on the ball of your right foot. Both knees should be at a 90 degrees angle. Push through your left heel to lift back up to the standing position.

3. Side Lunges

10 reps on each side

Start with your feet about hip distance apart. Take a wide step to the left and bend your knee as you push your hips back. Push off with your left leg to stand back up. Repeat on the other side.

4. Jump Squats (30 seconds)

This is your opportunity to get that heart racing if it isn’t already! A lower body workout wouldn’t be complete without jump squats, now would it?

Here’s what you do: You do the squat as I describe in the first exercise, but you do it fast, jumping off your feet each time you come back up.

5. Pause

Yay! You have earned 30 seconds to catch your breath.

6. Sumo Squats

20 reps

Instead of keeping your feet parallel, this lower body exercise requires you to start with your feet further than hip distance apart and pointing outwards. Sumo and regular squats are great to target the inner thighs, glutes, quads, hamstrings, hip flexors. However, some people find they can engage their glutes better when doing a sumo squat.

7. Curtsy Lunges

20 reps on each side (you are alternating legs though)

I love curtsy lunges in lower body workouts. I find them very effective, particularly when using dumbbells.

Stand with your feet hip distance apart. Bring your right foot to the left, behind your left leg as you lower to get both knees at a 90 degrees angle. Return to the standing position.

8. Side lunges

Another set of side lunches. I have included side lunges in each circuit of this lower body workout because they feel like a bit of rest to me. I find them easier than the squats and lunges.

9. Jumping Lunges (30 seconds)

Time go get that heart pumping again with a 30 second blitz!

Stand with your feet hip distance apart. Take a big step forward with your right leg, making sure your heel touches the floor first. Your forward thigh will be parallel to the ground. Jump up and quickly switch your legs in the air as to land with your left leg forward. Repeat a fast as you can.

10. Pause

Last 30-second pause before you give just it one more push before we finish this lower body workout.

11. Squats

20 more squats

12. Back Lunge and Rear Leg Raise

Again, we are doing 10 repetitions on one leg and switch. The move is similar to the back lunges you did already in the first part of this lower body workout, but when you come back up, raise your back leg to engage the glute further. Then, bring your leg back down.

13. Side Lunges

20 on each side

14. Sumo Squats Jumps (30 seconds)

Last move of your lower body workout! Same thing as our squat jumps, but you will be doing them in a sumo squat position.

If you want more…

Try my 15-minute love handles workout if you have some extra time. It will give you an excellent core and arm workout. Also, don’t forget to check out the neurotechnology that has increased my strength and endurance. I think you will be impressed!

Lower Body Workout Video

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