Quick and Effective Yoga Inspired Women’s Legs Workout

Dumbells are effective for women’s legs workouts that yield the fastest results since you need fewer reps. For example, my slim tights workout is only 15 minutes long! However, I often talk about the importance of switching things up, and since doing yoga-inspired workouts, I have been able to take my fitness to the next level! This yoga-inspired women’s legs workout is all bodyweight and is only 20-minutes long. I think you will enjoy it!

Benefits of Training Your Legs

Besides the aesthetic benefits like having a rounded butt, less cellulite, and toned legs, training your legs has many benefits (read What Are the Benefits of Leg Workout? to learn more):

  • Improving bone health
  • Faciliating functional movements
  • Weight loss (your glutes are your most densest muscle and muscles burn fat)
  • Improved overall confidence (as you get stronger and leaner)
  • Improved cardiovascular healht (leg bodyweight exercises increase your heart rate)
  • Preventing lower back pain

Ready to get started?

Women’s Legs Workout

This women’s legs workout includes NUMBER main bodyweight moves that you will hold long enough to feel the burn.

Bridges and Variations

Your first move of this women’s leg workout is the bridge. Make sure you keep your shoulders down, pulled slightly under, and squeeze your glutes as you lift up. You will be doing three different variations:

  • Two legged bridges (50 reps)
  • One kegged brudges (30 reps on each side)
  • Two legged bridges with a yoga block (50 reps)

Chair Pose and Squat Variations

Next, we are getting into chair pose and doing some squat variations

Chair Pose (1 minute)

Start with your legs slightly wider than shoulder-width. Inhale, lift up your arms next to your ears, keeping them straight and parallel. Keep your shoulders down and your spine neutral. As you exhale, bend your knees and lean your torso forward to create a right angle at the top of your thighs. Hold for one minute.

Squat Variations

Are your legs sore yet? Haha! Keep going! time to do your squat variations:

  • Sumo squats (50 reps)
  • Wide squat to single leg lift (20 on each side)
  • Low squat with arms up to chest on tighs with arms forward (20 reps)
  • Chair pose lift and lower the heels (10 reps)

Warrior Three Pose and Variation

The warrior three pose is excellent to improve your balance and your leg strength.

Warrior Three (30 seconds on each side)

Begin in a lunge with your front knee bent, your back leg straight and your heel lifted. Move your hands to your heart and lean forward until your back leg extends in the air. Keep both your legs straight and strong.

Warrior Three Variation

Fold your back leg as to make your knee touch the back of your standing knee and fold your standing leg into a one-legged squat at the same time (30 reps on each side).

Downward Dog Variation With Knees Bent to Plank (20 reps)

I wasn’t sure what the name of this pose should be, but fortunately, a picture is worth a thousand words. Start in a downward-facing dog. Press through your arms, lift your hips high, then bend your knees and hold. Keep your tailbone tucked. Keep this pose for 10 seconds then move to plank for 10 seconds.

Lunges (20 reps on each side)

With the front foot on a yoga block, lower the back knee until it touches the ground. As you lift back up, make sure you are pressing through your front heel. Tuck your lower back slightly.

Humble Warrior (30 seconds on each side)

Lastly, straighten your back leg and lower your chest to your supporting leg. Bring your arms to your back if you can.

20-Minutes Women’s Leg Workout Video