6 Most Effective Side Splits Stretches (Plus Follow Along Routine)

Over the last year and a half of training to increase my flexibility, I have neglected the side splits. Why? Because I have been finding it hard to find a routine that I enjoy. Until now! After experimenting with various stretches and routines, I devised some of the most pleasant and effective side splits stretches I could find and put them all together in one quick routine.

Side Splits Stretches You Will Enjoy

One reason I struggled with enjoying my side splits stretches is that many stretches I tried required me to get into various demanding yoga poses that didn’t seem to yield good results to get me into the side splits. I can appreciate the benefits of all the yoga poses themselves, and I still do these poses for other purposes, but I would also like to progress into the side splits. That’s what this routine is all about. As you will see, most of the side split stretches in my routine are pretty passive.

Moreover, the video routine includes variations of the same stretches. I think that’s what will make it more enjoyable. You get to rest into your stretches and feel the improvement as you progress throughout your routine.

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My 6 Favorite Side Splits Stretches

Here we go! Check out this quick description of these simple side splits stretches and jump in by following the video routine.

1. Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend

This is by far the most effective side split stretch. As you will see in the video routine, I like to take advantage of it differently by starting with weights and compression for mobility and a more active stretch. Later in the routine, we get into a more passive stretch, facing forward and facing a wall for added resistance.

2. Legs Up the Wall Pose

Again, I love the restful aspect of this stretch. I also like to use some variations, like using ankle weights to work or mobility by lifting and lowering my legs at first. Then, take a minute or two to enjoy the passive stretch.

3. Happy Baby

The happy baby is the first stretch of the video routine because it’s an excellent side splits stretch when you are just getting started. It’s pleasant and relaxing, not too demanding, but you do feel it in your inner hips.

4. Butterfly Stretch

After the happy baby, you are ready for the butterfly stretch. It is a bit more intense on the inner hip, particularly as you tilt your pelvis back and hinge forward at the hips.

5. Frog Stretch

The frog stretch is perfect for getting right into your inner hips as you eliminate the need for hamstring flexibility (like in the wide-angle forward bend).

6. Wide Angle Elephant Walk and Forward Fold

The forward fold is one of my favorite front split stretches, so it’s no surprise that a wide-angle version of it made it on the list of my favorite side split stretches. Doing a wide-angle elephant walk first will help warm you up into the stretch.

Side Splits Stretches Video Routine

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